What Are the Career Opportunities for Biology Students

Studying living organisms? Isn’t it interesting! Biology has become a mainstream subject in the last few years of school. Choosing biology or showing interest in life automatically makes you lean towards a plethora of career options.

As per 2018 statistics, 25% of the students in the UK choose to study biology. Some students already know they are going to be in the healthcare industry while choosing biology while others are simply interested in studying life. In this article, we are going to list the main career options that pop up when you are a biology student. Some of the career opportunities might surprise you.

1. Doctor

The first and foremost career opportunity that people think of is being a Doctor. It is one of the well-paid and prestigious job opportunities in the field of biology. Being a Doctor is not difficult but you need to be patient and ready to face challenges at every step. It is a 4-6 years course depending on the country. The journey is quite long and tedious. One more thing is that you do not automatically become a doctor after finishing med school. You need to prepare yourself for those cross-roads.

2. Food Science Specialist

Food scientists are supposed to come up with innovative ideas for food production. They monitor every step from raw material to final processing. They are the people who prevent harmful chemicals from being added and preserving the food’s nutritional value. They usually go through an intensive course of 4 years and then apply for vacant positions. 

3. Lab Technician

Every hospital or diagnostic center requires laboratory services to provide accurate results. They form the backbone of diagnosis. As a biology student, you have a lot of essays to finish. You can check this site out and leave them to this writing service. Meanwhile, special degree courses are available to develop the skills. Salary depends on the hospital and whether the institution belongs to the private or public sector.

4. Pharmacist

Another favorite career for biology students apart from being a doctor is being a pharmacist. It is easy to get in the courses and it will definitely be less expensive than medicine itself. A pharmacist may get involved in research and production of medicines or selling medicines.

5. Dentistry

If you like to see bright and clean smiles, dentistry is the perfect job for you. It is one of the best biology jobs for students to choose from. After a year of internship and a 4-5 year course, you may be eligible for the license to practice after passing an exam. Even in dentistry, several specialties exist among which you may choose.

6. Nursing

Nurses are the people without whom the hospitals won’t function. They perform a number of procedures and give IV medications as and when required to patients. Nursing courses vary from 2-3 years depending on the country. If helping people is your agenda, nursing is the best option. 

7. Psychology

It is a huge field with various career opportunities. So there are 2 options, you may become a psychiatrist after completing your medicine or just study psychology and become a psychologist. As a psychologist, you can work as therapists or as counselors in school. They basically help patients to talk about your problems and understand them. They might not be able to prescribe any medication but can offer certain exercises to overcome the problem.

8. Research

Research is the most interesting field for a biology student. Clinical research is a varied field where you can choose to perform research in a designated area. Whatever you study in medicine based on clinical research. Clinical trials, biotechnology, Bio-IT training, bioequivalence studies, the opportunities are countless. The courses are of different time periods. It is a developing field and has great career options.

9. Teaching

If you want to continue the knowledge you got, you can get into teaching jobs. Teaching is an art that cannot be given without proper training. Teaching courses are available for 2-3 years. This is an important responsibility as you are teaching the budding future biologists.

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That is a summarized list of biology degree jobs available for all students. Many more opportunities exist like an agriculturist, botanist, zoologist, and life science specialist to name a few. Biology comes with limitless options. All you need is your interest to explore the living and the dead too (Forensic medicine).

The career possibilities are an umbrella under which many subdivisions of the field occur. As you get into the medical field and specialize your way to narrow your field. There is an overall growth of about 7% in the medical field from 2018-2028. This refers to the fact that there is more opportunity for biology students.

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