How to take good photos

Such a hobby as photography is currently gaining popularity. This hobby can be taken up by anyone, regardless of their main field of work. Almost everyone owns a good camera these days. Considering also that there are different kinds of cameras available for purchase in the market, it is a hobby that is accessible to anyone who is seriously interested in it. So what does a budding photographer need to know in order to turn their hobby into a professional activity?

What challenges may arise

It’s not hard to get started in photography. Perhaps the biggest challenge at the start is deciding on the kind of photography you want to do. Some people like to take landscape photos, some people specialize in portraits and some people only take photos of wildlife. As you’ve probably realized by now, there are a lot of directions and styles, as well as writing services for poets. Experiment and you’ll find yourself!

How to choose a camera

A good start is not to buy the most expensive camera on the market and a lot of equipment to go with it. So pick the one that best suits your style of photography and buy only the essentials:

  • good lens
  • few batteries
  • pair of memory cards

That’s everything a budding photographer needs. Such a kit can cost you between $500 and $1000. There are some great camera brands whose products you can buy without worrying about the quality and reliability of the product:

  • Sony
  • Canon
  • Kodak
  • Casio
  • HP
  • Fuji
  • Minolta
  • Nikon
  • Pentax
  • Olympus

The choice is yours. These brands have models suitable for different budgets, levels of experience. It is better to invest some of your money in private photography courses or in the necessary literature. Any expert will tell you that in-depth, solid knowledge of how to take a great professional shot is far more important than the cost of equipment.

How to get started

People who manage to capture interesting moments in their surroundings are capable of subtly noticing the relationship between objects, their particular angle and beauty. If you decide to get into taking photos and make it your hobby, there are some helpful guidelines that professionals use.

Learning the basics

Owning a good camera won’t guarantee you a fantastic picture. It’s better to invest your time in learning the fundamentals of shooting. This can be done through books, videos and dialogue with professionals.

And remember: photography is a very experimental hobby. You might have to take more than a hundred shots before you get the perfect one.

Don’t be afraid of advice

Don’t be afraid to start taking photos, even if you are inexperienced in the business. If your love of snapshots and the nature of things doesn’t drive you to become a professional photographer, but your camera and your desire to shoot are a strong passion, it’s worth taking some tips to help you get some great shots. It can save you from facing harsh criticism from professionals and turn the process of photography into a pleasure.

Pay attention to the details

Remember that an interesting and successful photograph is not the fault of the camera, but of the photographer. Therefore, without knowing the minimum basics of capturing shots, you won’t be able to take good photos even with an expensive modern camera. The main thing for people who have chosen this fashionable hobby is to understand what to shoot and how to take photos.


Many photographers use pre-visualisation as a mode of action. The hobby of people who love taking photo shoot has allowed them to develop a photographic mindset. It lies in the ability to see a shot before it’s taken.

You can develop this ability if you practice imagining things not as people are used to seeing them, but from a different, unconventional perspective. Using this method, you can create real masterpieces, even from the comfort of your own home. To get great shots, it’s important to think about what the shot should look like before you even pick up the camera.

It is especially useful to plan for a future photo when a certain view or object seems particularly interesting. Make a habit of writing down the interesting parts of a future shot. This will ensure that you don’t miss the main points of the photo when you start taking it.

You could visit a nice, interesting place with your family at the weekend, and during the work week think about what kind of shots you will take when you go there again. Such thoughts will fill your mind with pleasant anticipation, good spirits and increase your motivation for the activity.

Final thoughts

There are people for whom photography is not only a great way to take a lot of good photos, but also a great way to escape their problems and restore their mental balance by taking a passion for what they love. Many beginning photographers look enviously at pictures from big Internet publications, photo book or covers of glossy magazines and dream to create photos like those there. But let’s face it, any goal is achievable. It means any goal is achievable, it doesn’t matter how unachievable it is, as long as you have a will to create.

Written by Jonas Stenstrom

Jonas is one of the co-founders and lead producers of Untamed Science. He has a background as a marine biologist and science communicator. Jonas has spent several years travelling and documenting nature around the world. He is also the director for the Untamed Science Europe branch and international projects.

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