4 Books You Will Have to Write an Essay on That Are Actually Worth Reading

There are many grievances students have with the modern education system. One of the major ones is its inability to quickly adapt to progress. It mostly applies to STEM fields that have to deal with new breakthroughs nearly every day. But other majors have gotten their fair share of criticism as well. Literature specifically is one of the biggest points of contention.

Some of the books that have been at the core of any college’s program have been losing the public interest with the time. Even though literature has it much easier than technical fields, some materials fail to adjust to the context of the modern environment. So here are the books you will most likely encounter throughout your years in college that are actually worth your time.

Lord of the Flies

‘Lord of the Flies’ can often be found up there, close to the top of any literature program’s list. In fact, you might have bumped into it already as it sometimes is studied by high school students. 

Revisiting this piece in a couple of years is no less exciting and raises a lot of new questions that you might have not even thought of during your first read-through.

On the other hand, returning to it too soon may get you stuck in a dead-end. Writing an essay on this particular novel can be hard when you’ve already burnt out discussing the problems raised in this book. 

So if you’re having trouble coming up with fresh material to turn in for your ‘Lord of the Flies’ assignment, consider having an online writing service like essaywritingservice.com provide you with a different perspective.

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange’ never fails to leave an impression on its audience. Both the book and the movie have this sort of atmosphere that stays with you long after you are finished with viewing or reading. The book doesn’t hold its punches, which is probably why it received mixed reviews back when it was first published. 

Yet, this initial shock you receive perfectly highlights the ideas the author tries to convey.

The story is set in dystopian England. Instead of blurring and skipping through the worst parts of life in that place, the reader is forced to look at them through a magnifying glass. It’s mesmerizing, almost hypnotic. And it makes it very hard to miss out on any detail of the plot which raises questions of free will, subjective sense of right and wrong, and many more.


‘1984’ is another classic that you will absolutely come across at some point during studies. And for a very good reason. 

Orwell was a master at creating dystopian worlds like professional domyessay writers. When the protagonist sees, hears, or feels something, you do so as well. The world described on the pages of this book feels absolutely real. The struggles of people that live in it feel the same. But that’s not even the most impactful part of the novel.

It was written as a cautionary tale. It depicts what the author thought could really happen in the future with some sci-fi sprinkled in (mind you, that’s sci-fi in the 1940s). And you just might recognize some of the features of that fictional reality in today’s world. 

It feels like the author might’ve lived among us. But when you realize how long ago this book was written, it opens up a whole new perspective.

Hard to Be a God

Strugatsky brothers have many great writing pieces to their name. ‘Hard to be a God’ can’t even be called the best one of them. But it still warrants some special attention. 

It is widely considered as a novel overburdened with philosophical and existential probing. But it still reads as a very entertaining science fiction piece.

The pace might feel a little slow at first. But it picks up exponentially the closer you get to the end. You follow the protagonist’s trials and tribulations as he can’t catch a break with one problem falling onto him after another, never allowing himself to relax. 

The book is rich in events and has all the things you need and more to have a great reading session. Here are some of the themes:

  • Politics;
  • Drama;
  • Sword fights;
  • Friendship;
  • Betrayal.

You won’t get bored for a second reading through it, which is a big plus for college students that can get tired of practical literature. And once you have binged through this adventure, you’ll find yourself wanting to return to it to examine the underlying ideas the authors ingrained into it more closely. 

It’s a great entry point into the worlds of Strugatsky brothers. And they are the ones you will find yourself wanting to return to again and again. And these ideas make this book a perfect foundation for any essay. 

You have a lot of questions to choose from and lots of material to work with. Address the global problems of totalitarian politics, weak rulers, and mass hysteria on one end of the spectrum or take on the personal scale problems of the inability of one man to stand against the machine that’s way too bigger than himself.

Final Words

This list can hardly be called a complete one. There are plenty of decent books that are being published today. Spotting their value right away is not easy since they haven’t been studied as thoroughly as the classics of the past. 

Some of the older books may be just as relevant now as they were decades ago. Maintaining a critical mind doesn’t mean giving up on literature altogether.

Writing is one of the oldest ways of creative expression. Just like any form of art, it can hold value beyond simple entertainment. Keep looking for great writing pieces, analyze them, look at them from different angles, make up your own opinion. 

Written by Austin Crane

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