Order Galliformes - The Junglefowl

This order, the jungle fowl, between the several families add up to 259 species. The most recent classification by Avibase divides the order into 5 living families (listed below).

This is a group of medium-sized birds that are more or less sedentary. The quail is one species that is known to migrate.

The order contains turkeys, guinea fowl, pheasants, quail, and mound builders. Long necks and thin long legs are characteristic of birds in the group. Most birds are known for their meandering and walking habits. When they fly, they get off the ground through short bursts of powerful energy.

Family Common name Total # of species
Cracidae Guans, Currasows, Chachalacas 51
Megapodiidae Mound-builders and scrubfowl 20
Numididae Guineafowl 6
Odontophoridae New World Quail 32
Phasianidae Pheasants, grouse, turkey, junglefowl, chickens 150


Species listed under Galliformes