• Testudines
  • Testudines

    The order Testudines represent the turtles, tortoises, and sea turtles. There are about 300 species of turtle alive today.


    The following is a brief overview of the living taxa in this Order:

    Family Chelydridae – Snapping Turtles
    Family Thalassemyidae
    Family Cheloniidae – Green Sea Turtles and Relatives
    Family Dermochelyidae – Leatherback Turtles
    Family Platysternidae – Big-Headed Turtles
    Family Emydidae – Pond, Box and Water Turtles
    Family Geoemydidae – Asian River Turtles, Asian Leaf Turtles, Asian Box Turtles and Roofed Turtles
    Family Testudinidae – Tortoises
    Family Carettochelyidae – Pignose Turtles
    Family Dermatemydidae – River Turtles
    Family Kinosternidae – Mud Turtles
    Family Trionychidae – Softshell Turtles
    Family Chelidae – Austro-American Sideneck Turtles
    Family Pelomedusidae – African sideneck Turtles
    Family Podocnemididae – Madagascan Big-headed and American Sideneck River Turtles

    Species listed under Testudines