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Join Rob and Haley (parents of two and science communicators) as they feed their curiosities about the world of parenting in these funny, thoughtful videos. These informative science-based shorts give you the scoop, but you’ll find no advice here – just neat stuff that may astonish and deepen your understanding about the most current research out there. With the help of experts, Haley and Rob deliver the coolest, most mind-blowing things that you probably never knew about everything from the science of parental sleep with a newborn, why kids hate broccoli, to sharing some positive surprises about the “discomfort” of labor!

science of parenting

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The Science of Parenting Videos

  1. Science of Labor Pain: Can Positive Thinking Make it Hurt Less?
  2. Science of Taste: How to Make Your Kids Eat Broccoli
  3. Science of Sleep: What’s Really Happening to New Parents

More about Rob and Haley

Rob and Haley Nelson with August Nelson

  1. Rob Nelson is a Biologist and Award Winning Filmmaker.
  2. Haley Nelson is a Biologist and Science Communicator
  3. Haley and Rob Got Married in 2010 and have spent years explaining science online and in classrooms in ways such as skydiving, diving in submersibles and making music videos. Now they have two boys, August and Leo.

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