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    After mastering the filmmaking basics, you may want to integrate some fancy techniques to make your film stand out. Adding movement, slowing down a shot or speeding it up—this requires special techniques. Maybe you want to produce a 3D film with your story, or maybe you’re working with large animals. We’ve researched all of these techniques in order to give you a jumpstart. The menu to the right lists some of the techniques you can easily learn and master with some practice.


    Advanced Wildlife Filmmaking Techniques

    Timelapse Photography Guide High Speed Filmmaking Underwater Filmmaking Guide Macro Video and Macrophotography Guide 3D Wildlife Filmmaking Dollies and Cranes Intro to Science Animations

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    We have a youtube channel dedicated completely to making these how-to-filmmaking videos and connecting with other filmmakers. Check out all of the videos we’re making there: ROB AND JONAS’ FILMMAKING TIPS

    Written by Rob Nelson

    Rob is an ecologist from the University of Hawaii. He is also an award-winning filmmaker. As principle director of Untamed Science productions his goal is to create videos and content that are both entertaining and educational. When he's not making science content, he races slalom kayaks and skydives.

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